Lets start to plan our next event……Meeting at Loggers Mill Hwy B Hayward ~ 5:30pm September 17, 2015 ~ Please contact Michelle Hadley for dues. ~ 715-699-4554
Walleye for Northwest Wisconsin’s 20th Annual Ice Fishing event date will be

February 13, 2016 Save the date!


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Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin Officers

 President:           Joe Gendrich
Vice President: Bob Rienert
Secretary:       Michelle Hadley
Treasurer:      Bob Shuster

Board of Directors

Steve Hawthorn
Rick Marks
Steve Cain
Mike Hadley
Tom High



WFNW’s mission is to improve fishing in Northwest Wisconsin for our childrens future,
particularly for but not limited to Walleyes.

Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin accomplishes this by supporting conservation practices,
focus on water quality, improving our fish habitat by involvement with weed control projects
and working with the WDNR as needed to accomplish mutual goals.

WFNW is committed to educating our young anglers about our
fish resources and how to keep our lakes in balance so quality
fishing opportunities can be shared for generations to come.